Product Description
Made of high density poly ethylene material and integration of blow molding technology. HDPE filter tank is compatible for many different weather condition. Unique strctural design gets the best clarity of filtered water and a better backwash.

1.More efficient:30% more of filtration bed improves the filtration quality easily
2.Environmental, safe & corrosive-proof material: suitable to all types of swimming pools
3.Easy maintenance: no tools is required for maintenance or operation


Suitable for pools with different disinfection system such as salt chlorine generator,  UV sterlizer, Ozone system and chemical dosing
Can be used for pool, spa ad water features
Easy to maintain and replace


Pools in need of better water clarity! Professional approach of gettting better water!

Inlet/outlet can meet with metric/imperial pipe, more convenient to operate
SS clamp allows 360 rotation of valve to simplify installation
More volume of filtation bed gets better clarity of filtered water & less backwash
High density poly ethylene filter tank material manufactured to maximize the strength of the filter
Unique double-layered lateral enhances filtration efficiency and allows completebackwash



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