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Mechanical 24 Hours Timer Switch Industrial Timing Device Panel Switch Protect High quality PC material, durable to use Operating temperature: -10~55degree Celsius Operating voltage: 250V 50Hz Operating current: 16(4A) Rated power: 3680W Min.Setting time:15 minutes Max.Setting time:24 hours Control output: 16A 250V Dimension: approx. 6*6*3.3cm

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Description: TM-616 Electronic Weekly Programmable Digital Timer Switch Relay Time Controller Din Rail Mount for Street Lamp Features: 1. The timing product can automatically turn on and off the power supply of various devices according to the time set by users. 2. The control object can be street lamp, neon lamp, advertisement sign lamp, production equipment, radio and television equipment and other power equipment and household appliances which need to be turned on and off regularly. 3. Built-in 1.2V/40mA rechargeable battery, automatically save user programming information, without power failure. 4. High precision, industrial chip, strong anti-jamming. 5.Weekly programmable, 17 ON/OFF per day. Specifications: Material: plastic Control Output: 1 Loop 30A (Power Output), can also be used for expansion control. Number of Settings: 17 Switches (Daily/Week) Setting time: 1 minute to 168 hours Working time error: 1s/24h Power outage memory: 60 days (built-in 1.2V rechargeable battery) Size: same as DZ47/2P, 80x56x36mm/3.15x2.2x1.42" Connection mode: 35mm/1.38" Guide Product application: advertising light box, street lamp, oven, broadcasting equipment and other electrical appliances. Working voltage: AC,220V AC/50-60Hz Notes: 1. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you! 2. Please allow slight measuring deviation due to manual measurement. Included: 1 x Timer Switch

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Material: plastic Color: white, as picture shows Size: approx. 66×60×32mm Display Type: LED Voltage: AC 220V

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Battery is detachable Electric shock capacity: AC220V 10A Time range: 24h Minimum setting unit: 15 minutes Number of settings: 15 minutes / 96 times Power supply voltage: 100-230 (V) power consumption: 5 (W)

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*Digital Time Switch, a useful home use tool *Automatically open and close the power of electrical equipment according to the user preset the time *Widely used in street lights, neon lights, bells, radio and television equipment, production equipment, electrical equipment and household appliances automatic control *Built-in high-performance batteries as backup power in case of no electricity, can still maintain time display ขนาดกล่องบรรจุ 9.75 x 14x 6 cm. น้ำหนักรวมกล่องบรรจุ 120 g.

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Ideal for household use in DB Boards 3500 Watt / 16 Amps 24 hours / 7 days a week programmable Built-in battery for backup the memory when power failure Auto time error correction +/- 30 sec, weekly Repeat programs with 16 on/off settings, and setting on/off manually ขนาดกล่องบรรจุ 9.75x14x6 cm. น้ำหนักรวมกล่องบรรจุ 160 g.

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