1 88281550B  6 Way 1.5" Valve (Black) with union set x 2, sight glass union x 1 and pressure gauge1ติดต่อฝายขาย  
1 88281551B  6 Way 2" Valve (Black)  for TMG650(B) (with 3 sets Union and pressure gauge)1ติดต่อฝายขาย  
1 88280356B  6 Way 2" Top Mount Bolt Type Multiport Valve(Black) for TMG750 / TMG900 (with 3 sets Union and pressure gauge)1ติดต่อฝายขาย  
22032051102006011029  Maximum 40PSI Indication, Stainless Steel Casing11,633.00980.00948.00
32065161002589280102B  1.5" union set (Black) with O-ring3907.00545.00527.00
32065161003089280103  2.0" Union (Black/ White Colour)3973.00584.00565.00
42032051121089010657  Filter tank with base for TMG5001ติดต่อฝายขาย  
42032051121589010658  Filter tank with base for TMG650&TMG650B1ติดต่อฝายขาย  
42032051123089010660  Filter tank with base for TMG7501ติดต่อฝายขาย  
42032051123589010661  Filter tank with base for TMG9001ติดต่อฝายขาย  
52032051124089010662  Fiter tube with fiter element for TMG50011,188.00713.00690.00
52032051124589010663  Fiter tube with fiter element for TMG65011,386.00832.00804.00
52032051125089010664  Fiter tube with fiter element for TMG650B11,386.00832.00804.00
52032051125589010665  Fiter tube with fiter element for TMG75011,633.00980.00948.00
52032051126089010666  Fiter tube with fiter element for TMG90012,819.001,692.001,636.00
62032051011001172007  Laterals (115mm) for TMG5008249.00150.00145.00
62032051011501172008  Laterals(126mm) TMG6508249.00150.00145.00
620320511285E0011810  Laterals (115mm+185mm) for TMG650B4462.00278.00268.00
62032051012001172010  Laterals (185mm) for  TMG7508414.00249.00241.00
62032051030501172011  Laterals (233mm) for  TMG9008414.00249.00241.00
72032051012589011601  Water Drain Set1693.00416.00402.00
8203205112904104024838  Filter Base(D500*89) for TMG650 TMG650B TMG75013,281.001,969.001,903.00
8203205112954104024837  Filter Base(D390*73) for TMG50012,128.001,277.001,235.00
8203205113004104020763  Filter Base(D500*89) for TMG9001546.00328.00317.00
92032051001503021035  M6 Nut1249.00150.00145.00
102032051002089012512  Clamp Kit12,359.001,416.001,369.00
112032051002501111101  Star-Shaped Nut1249.00150.00145.00
122032051003003011166  M6×110mm Screws1462.00278.00268.00
132032051003502010007  O-Ring1462.00278.00268.00
142032051120089010601  Nut with washer12249.00150.00145.00
152032051025002011126  Filter Neck Gasket1907.00545.00527.00




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