No.Part CodeDescriptionModelQTY/
1R0736400  R-KITS, PIONEER, MOTOR & HARDWARE, WFHP  0.75HP0.75120,394.0012,237.0011,829.00
R0734600  R-KITS, PIONEER, MOTOR & HARDWARE, WFHP 1.0HP1120,394.0012,237.0011,829.00
R0734700  R-KITS, PIONEER, MOTOR & HARDWARE, WFHP  1.5HP1.5120,394.0012,237.0011,829.00
R0734800  R-KITS, PIONEER, MOTOR & HARDWARE, WFHP  2.0HP2124,101.0014,461.0013,979.00
2R0734900  R-KITS, BACKPLATE, WFHPAll15,278.003,167.003,062.00
3R0735000  Impeller, WFHP (Impeller, Screw w/O-ring & Backplate O-ring) 0.75HP0.7512,398.001,439.001,391.00
R0735100  Impeller, WFHP (Impeller, Screw w/O-ring & Backplate O-ring)1.0HP112,398.001,439.001,391.00
R0735200  Impeller, WFHP (Impeller, Screw w/O-ring & Backplate O-ring)1.5HP1.512,398.001,439.001,391.00
R0735300  Impeller, WFHP (Impeller, Screw w/O-ring & Backplate O-ring)2.0HP212,398.001,439.001,391.00
4R0735400  Diffuser, WFHP (Diffuser w/O-ring, Hardware & Backplate O-ring)All12,398.001,439.001,391.00
5R0735500  Mechanical Seal, Carbon & Ceramic (1 Set)All11,866.001,120.001,083.00
6R0735600  Pump Body, WFHP (Body and Backplate O-ring)All114,465.008,679.008,390.00
7WA0133001  Motor Mounting Foot, WFHPAll1On Request
8R0736500  Lid wLocking Ring, WFHP (Lid w/Locking Ring & Lid O-ring)All14,484.002,691.002,601.00
9R0736600  Pump Debris Filter Basket, WFHPAll12,304.001,383.001,337.00
10R0735700  Drain Plug wO-ring, WFHPAll1216.00130.00126.00
11R0735800  Tail Piece, 0-ring & Union NutAll11,743.001,046.001,011.00
12R0736700  Lid 0-ring, WFHPAll1654.00393.00380.00
1350137300  Backplate 0-ring, WFHPAll1On Request
1450119000  Diffuser 0-ring, WFHPAll1On Request
15R0736000  Backplate Hardware, WFHP (Backplate Hardware & Backplate 0-ring)All11,507.00905.00875.00
16R0736100  Motor Hardware KitAll1744.00447.00432.00
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