The Zodiac Tri Large XO (Crossover) salt chlorinator is able to be used with both salt and Magnapool / Elements minerals to enable the owner to enjoy the benefits of a mineral swimming pool at minimal cost. Platinum Pool and Spa Centre supply and install Zodiac Chlorinators to all suburbs of the Gold Coast and Brisbane at the Best Price.

TRi XO Salt Water chlorinator is a high performance reverse polarity chlorine generator suitable for both minerals and salt. Zodiac's most popular chlorine generator, TRi XO is packed with features..


   Generator cell provides optimal performance, with better chlorination.Easy-to-use one touch control unit. Upgradeable system provides flexibility to suit your needs and your budget.Reverse polarity cell prevents calcium build up and keeps maintenance to an absolute minimum.Seamless connection to Zodiac Aqualink control systems for a fully automated pool experience.

Outstanding Features

   - A simple to use control interface makes setting up a breeze, includes built in timers and help menu
   - Long life Reverse Polarity electrode plates for increase cell life and decreased maintenance
   - Boost mode to handle the really hot days or when you need a little extra for the pool party
   - Low/Spa Mode makes it ideal for pool/spa combo pools and if you're using a blanket
   - 40 and 50mm plumbing ports make it suitable for new or retrofit applications


Model No.Tri-XO Crossover
Model  Compact - Mid - Large
Maximum pool size  40,000L - 70,000L - 100,000L (Capacity based in a mild climate. Alter for cooler/warmer climate)
Working Salt Level  4,000ppm
Maximum Salt Level  10,000ppm (sea water)
Auto output select  Yes (Super and Low)
Plumbing capacity  40mm and 50mm
Power Requirements  240V
Vessel Dimensions  320mm (L) x 110mm (W) x 155mm (H)
Power Pack Dimensions  330mm (L) x 110mm (W) x 310mm (H)




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