WINWINPOOL was established on August 19, 2008 and now operating a business about 12 years. The company runs business by import and distribute an equipment relates to all kinds of swimming pools.

The executive committee as follows:

1. Pricha Sripradu

2. Suwanna Krula-wongsa


Quality Policy

1. Everyone is the winner

            Everyone is the winner, our customers win….meaning the customer get a good product and good service with fair price (suitable price). Supplier wins….meaning our employees win and our company also wins.

Both of us WIN-WIN.

2.  WIN WIN POOL, we are using knowledge, have a moral principle, and leading in sales.


Company’s Mission

1. WINWIN POOL aims to make a Thailand become a center of swimming pools builder.

2. WINWIN POOL aims to make people in a whole world can make a swimming pools by themselves ever if they aren’t rich-man but they can have an own swimming pools.

3. Our knowledge is your knowledge.

4. WINWIN POOL aims to build a swimming pools in the one part of happiness.


Company’s Vision

1. We are being a first person to give advice and answer about matters of swimming pools including all type of products, and also maintain the swimming pool via Website, YouTube and Social Media in this era of globalization information. All questions have answer here.

2. WINWIN POOL aims to make everyone in this world to become a parent with us.


Company Information

Company Name: WIN WIN Enginering Supplier Co.,Ltd.

Business: Import and distribute an equipment which related to all kinds of swimming pools, and also provides a Service, Installation, Pool Maintenance, Design and Consulting about swimming pools as a one-stop services.

Capital:  10,000,000.00 Thai Baht

Head office: 7-11 Soi.01, Kanchanaphisek 5/5, Tha Raeng sub-district, Bang Khen district, Bankkok  10220

Telephone: 02-989-1111, 02-130-6134 to 35

Fax: 02-130-6136

Website: www.winwinpoolshop.com

E-mail: winwinpool1111@gmail.com

Line Official Account: @winwinpoolshop