Mineral Ionizer for swimmingpool reduce chlorinem 90%


Input Voltage:  120 or 240 volts AC auto ranging. Input Frequency:  50 to 60 Hertz. Output Voltage:  6 to 18 VDC. Output Current:  3 Amp. Max at 18 VDC.

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The EPC's controller is designed so that it sends small amounts of DC voltage unto its electrode, which is made up of two copper alloys. Copper, is an element that assists in killing the bacteria and the algae in your pool: so as water passes through the pool's pump and over the electrode, small amounts of copper particles are taken with it, attacking bacteria and algae as it flows throughout the equipment and eventually to the pool itself. Because the EPC ionizer does almost all of this work for you, you can keep your pool looking and feeling fantastic at a low .2 ppm chlorine level, which is up to 90% less chlorine than normally used. It has been proven that maintaining .2 ppm chlorine and .2 ppm copper is more effective sanitation than using just chlorine at 2 ppm. You must also maintain your pH between 7.2 and 7.6. Included are easy to follow (step-by-step) instructions, for the most novice installer, with picture illustrations, and a wiring diagram for the controller and the placement of the electrode.


The EPC ionizer allows you to see what current the electrode is drawing; so after you've regulated the pool's chemicals to their proper levels, you'll know what the electrode's current draw needs to be, which will be the reference you'll use throughout its life. Unlike other ionizers, you will not have to visually inspect the electrode to see if it's been depleted.
Since its controller is capable of up to 3 amps of current, it can be used for many sizes, as well as a wide variety, of pools and spas with only the replacement of the electrode. If you wanted to use the EPC ionizer for a pond, you could use multiple electrodes in line. These ionizers are available with a standard power supply or can be used with a solar panel.


Cartridge ionizers are costly and need to be replaced often; and the floating solar ionizers have small solar panels which require direct sunlight to work properly - they are not able to regulate on cloudy days and have small electrodes. Electronic ionizers are really your best bet for keeping your pool regulated. You can use the EPC controller with a larger solar panel and car battery if you need to work in remote areas without sun for long periods.
Easy Pool Clean (EPC): Model EPC50

Copper test kit included.
Adjustable output for precise digital readout metering of ion production.
High efficiency CE listed auto ranging (120 or 240 volt 50/60Hz) switching power supply.
Solid state microcontroller controlled electronic.
Circuitry with automatic sequential polarity switching to keep electrodes clean and wearing even.
Light emitting diodes display power, timing, and polarity.
Electrode cell has a 2" male fitting - there's 2 stainless steel connections for ease of attaching any length wire, allowing straightforward access in positioning the controller.
Life time warranty.
30 day satisfaction guarantee.


Input Voltage:  120 or 240 volts AC auto ranging.
Input Frequency:  50 to 60 Hertz.
Output Voltage:  6 to 18 VDC.
Output Current:  3 Amp. Max at 18 VDC.
Controller:  Controller Enclosure Helps Protects Electronics from Moisture, Corrosion.
Cell:  2" PVC male fitting.
Electrode size and type:  Round 6" long over 2 lb. copper alloy.
Capacity:  EPC50 treats up to 25,000 gallons.
Typical electrode life:  3 to 10 years depending on size of pool and length of season.


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